Electro Magnetic Environment - EME

Electronic warfare has not disappeared; it is evolving into the new cyber dimension. we can help our customers to identify new interoperable solutions through simulation systems and C2 systems to leverage education and training of their specialists, to be able to operate in critical tactical-operational situations in which the mastery of the electromagnetic spectrum is fundamental.

The electromagnetic environment - EME, is a domain that today appears forgotten and overshadowed by the Cyber one. In reality, all operational military activities that are not based on classical info-structures, must be supported into the field by the electromagnetic spectrum to be effective, emphasizing again the importance of EW - Electronic Warfare which, enhanced by digital technology, allows cyber threats to be conveyed even into operating environments. The interoperability of capabilities between EW defense and Cyber defense will therefore be critical in the near future. In the current military and civilian aviation world, all systems are advancing in capabilities via network using always better internet connections and communication systems. This makes cybersecurity of the utmost importance. Tactical Networks, info-structures, internet and other connections can make aviation systems vulnerable to cybersecurity and EME attacks. Cybersecurity hardening is the key to keeping aviation systems secure, safe, and reliable. Missions can depend on it.