Big Data Guard System

A.I. based real-time Detection, Tracking, Situation Awareness, Vehicle Detection, Number Plate Recognition, People Counting, Precision Human Presence Detection, Face Recognition & Virtual Lanyard.

bdg symbolITRES Big Data Guard provides data management and analysis capabilities supporting data sensors or simulation session evaluation.

The Software is able to collect data streams from external sensors, process and store them in a relational database using management software or, if necessary, specially developed middleware for the system backend.

The system will be configured securely through a dedicated intranet.

Furthermore, the system will be able to autonomously manage preconfigured scenarios, generating the appropriate and most effective alarm actions based on the inputs received (using an AI dedicated to the alarm sequence).

Another goal is to ensure the "Big Data" logic, so that the system can also offer access and use of data collected from multiple sources as a service.

The proposal must be sized on the basis of the customer's real needs and must take into account the redundancy necessary to provide an optimal service.

The modules provides automatic data ingestion, collection and archiving of:

  • events and logs data pertaining HW and sensors components deployment processing, to monitor critical situation their lifecycle, send automatic warning manged by AI or scenarios generated by the M&S solutions.
  • events and logs data pertaining the real or deployed scenarios by simulations, simulation application instances.
  • real time and 24/7 monitoring of sensors data, storage and data correlation to teach constantly AI to identify the better solution and proper warnings.
  • our certified SW is running from the last seven years in 18 italian Hospitals to monitor several sensors

We are also implementing customized satellite communications in our systems (starlink) to offer our clients the best data trasfer solutions as possible.