Training Courses

Standard Training Courses provided by ITRES (after Training Need Analysis and agreement with the Customer) include tailored syllabi for:

  • Team Training (planning, execution and review of low level actions e.g. an asset of two aircraft);
  • Unit Training (assessment of alternatives, planning, coordination, execution, review of operations at Unit level e.g. Operations, Intelligence and Logistics supporting a number of flight missions);
  • Force Training (implementation of the Concept Of Operation of the Commander, interaction with supporting Units, integration of Intelligence, Operations, Logistics and Aircrews under a sustained battle rhythm)
  • C2 training (development and implementation of international standards e.g. UN/NATO in a multinational force)
  • Risk Analysis (methodical approach to Operational Risk Assessment);
  • Assessment of Results (Lesson Learned from previous activities, choice of the best trade-off of technical, operational and training solutions to overcome an operational gap).